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Our Approach Makes Math Matter for Your Child!

Useful Tools Fuel Curiosity in Unlocking Math's Mysteries & Challenges

Learning to successfully master math’s problem-solving strategies and its underlying facts does not need to be a grim slog where your child spends countless hours toiling over what to them seems like meaningless grunt work.


Elementary and middle school-age children are constantly in search of useful tools to aid their curiosities in unlocking the mysteries of the world around them; to help order the facts they gather in ways that are useful to them. Present them with problems they want to solve, and by turns happily, at other times with a few grumbles along the way, they’ll work long and hard to master the problem-solving tools they find most useful.


Meanwhile, their best mentors---parents, teachers, tutors, coaches--- always can be found patiently working with them shoulder-to-shoulder. . . assessing their growing capabilities, encouraging them as they work through strategy tools to solve the problem at hand, ready to diffuse their frustration by guiding them to discover a helpful strategy tool when they get stumped.            


Little Ivy Academy’s math curriculum has been specifically crafted to provide your elementary and middle school-age child --kindergartener, first grader, second grader, third grader, fourth grader, fifth grader, sixth grader, seventh grader, eighth grader-- with active, hands-on programs where they can successfully develop their own math problem-solving strategies while striving to master underlying math facts. Reflecting the Little Ivy Academy Methodology, our math curriculum and progression of customized lessons have been designed and paced to specifically track with the actual math challenges your child is confronting at school today.  


Each of our age- and grade-appropriate, individualized small-group and private Customized Math Tutoring Sessions and S.T.E.M.-based (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) small-group RealScience Math Learning Enrichment Lab courses harness your child’s natural curiosity and their need to have useful tools for problem-solving with opportunities for exploring and progressing towards math skills mastery. . . and have more than a little fun doing it!

RealScience STEM Learning Enrichment Lab

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Afterschool Labs Return this Fall
Summer Camp 2017 Starts Here,
Where Kids Can. . .

[Update: We look forward to seeing you and your campers, ages 6-14, at our Summer Explorers and Real Science/Express Yourself summer camp programs on one of our nearby campuses. Please CLICK HERE to Discover More-- program details and registration.

Our full schedule of afterschool labs will return in the fall. To be among the first to know, please Click Here
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Below you'll find a sampling of this school year's Spring 2017 RealScience! and Express Yourself! Learning Enrichment Labs we're offering right here on our Ridgewood campus. CLICK HERE to learn more and register. 

If instead you would prefer to register your child for any of our RealScience! and Express Yourself! after-school Learning Enrichment Labs at select, local elementary schools, just CLICK HERE.

  • Robots At Work - PreK - 1st Grade
    • Dates: Seven Wednesdays, April 26 - June 7

    • Time: 4:50 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    • Description: Robots are changing the way the world works and your child may hold the key to the next great breakthrough when they roll up their sleeves to engineer and program a range of automated, workplace robots with real-world applications.

    • Class Size: Maximum 10, Minimum 6 students

  • Robots: Engage & Interact - 3rd - 5th Grade
    • Dates: Seven Thursdays, April 27 - June 8

    • Time: 4:50 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    • Description: Now older elementary and middle schoolers can deploy NXT Generation mobile robotic technology to create robotic devices that use a range of sensors (touch, hear, see, etc. . .)  to engage and interact with environmental challenges and each other! Paired with the made-for-robotics derivative of the age-appropriate Scratch programming language created at MIT's Media Lab, students will develop their critical thinking and STEAM skills as the build and program this series of very engaging mobile bots.

    • Class Size: Maximum 12, Minimum 6 students

Customized Math Tutoring. . .
As Unique as Your Child!

Our Customized Math Tutoring sessions, whether private or small-group, are designed to provide your elementary or middle school-age child with their own individual guide through the progression of math skills and operations.


Through ongoing observation, formal and informal skills assessment, and equally important, ongoing conversation, your child’s tutor learns about your child's unique talents and needs, strengths and weaknesses, using these as the basis for crafting and pacing customized lessons that best meet your child's specific needs from session to session.


What’s more, the specific challenges you child confronts in each session, as well as the successful strategies they used to solve them, are captured and provided to you and your child, along with step-by-step instructions for use in both related school assignments and ongoing practice until the next week’s session.   


RealScience Learning Enrichment Labs

With an emphais on personalized learning for your child, students in our small-group RealScience Learning Enrichment Lab courses set off on project-based weekly adventures where they have hands-on opportunities to master problem-solving skills while working through the challenges of the day’s activities— engineering and programming a robot, designing and programming an animiated game, building a tower, solving a detective mystery, constructing the tools for playing a game (and playing the game!), navigating an obstacle course, among others.


Our seven-week RealScience Learning Enrichment Lab courses, call upon your child to apply a range of math facts and problem-solving tools, integrating real-world S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) challenges as they progress from fundamentals to ever more complex operations.


Learn more about our current RealScience Learning Enrichment Lab courses on the lower left side of this page, or CLICK HERE to learn more generally about our S.T.E.M.-based RealScience program.
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