About Us

Why We Do It. . .

We Believe Your Child Can. . .

…explore the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) when they join our community of kids ages 4-14, who are already Building Robots, Coding Games, Developing Apps and Creating Cool 21st Century Gadgets.

When your child joins us, they will find projects that meet their abilities and concepts that fit their interests! Whatever their skill level, from beginner to advanced, each of our after-school labs and summer camp programs are thoughtfully crafted to give your child this real, hands on experience.

We are Little Ivy Academy, the place Where Your Kid Can!

How We Do It. . .

We Believe Learning about Technology. . .

Should Be Fun

We all learn better when we enjoy what we are doing. Learning about technology should be engaging and fun, not boring and overwhelming. Our labs and camps are designed to keep your child engaged with hands-on STEAM activities that are exciting and age appropriate.

That is why our programs provide Real Science and Real Fun!

Should Be Challenging

When your child is appropriately challenged and asked to solve things for themselves, they become more resilient and independent, allowing them to confidently tackle the evolving opportunities & challenges they will face throughout their life.

This is why we actively support our students as they work towards solving the challenges they confront, allowing them to grow beyond where they believed they could!

Should Be Personal

When your child comes to us, they arrive with unique perspectives and abilities. We will get to know your child and tailor our approach to maximize their unique potential for learning.

That is why we create programs that deliver a differentiated learning approach: to provide experiences that uniquely fit your child.

Who We Are

We Are. . .

. . .makers, educators and life-long learners who believe in the importance of not only understanding how modern technology works, but also finding the best ways to use that knowledge to participate in today’s hi-tech world.

We have a shared vision of how to get children excited about technology through programs that bring active engagement, meaningful discovery and Real fun to kids in elementary to middle school.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines, yet they are unified by a passion for problem-solving, critical-thinking, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). A passion each of them tries to share with your child!

Together we have created an inclusive community that believes each child, through activities that meet their abilities and interests, can do whatever they set out to do.